Best German Park

Parks in Germany are full and plenty, with lots of wonderful things to do in them. If you’re the kind of person who might enjoy getting immersed in that sort of activity, you might enjoy this list of wonderful parks and gardens to be found in this European nation.

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Egapark, Erfurt

Built on the grounds of what used to be a fortress in Erfurt, egapark is a really big deal in Germany. It gets about 450,000 visitors a year and a lot of this is due to the fact that it’s got the biggest ornamental flowerbed in the continent. It has an amazing rose garden and a tropical greenhouse, which are definitely worth visiting. If you plan your visit right, you might even get to see an election of a Flower Queen.

Mainau Island

Located on the Bodensee or Lake Constance, which is about south of Stuttgart, Mainau island is a garden paradise in the middle of a body of water, which is owned by a family. Over 500 species of trees are found on this island, with one of the highlights being an amazing sequoia that was planted in 1864 and a redwood tree that is over 65 years old. There are even more dahlias and rose bushes dotting the island to make you dizzy. Put this interesting park in your blog and it will become a star!

Park Planten un Blomen

With a name like Park Planten un Blomen, which translates to Park Plants And Blooms, you’ll find this incredible locale to be one of the most magnificent you could visit in Europe. Aside from the vast number of plants and blooms for your sightseeing pleasure, anyone bringing their kids can also go on pony rides just to complete the magic.

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Muskau Park

A rather contentious location, Muskau Park is shared by Germany and Poland in terms of where it is built. However, in terms of beauty and architectural wonders, it is not an exaggeration to say that it’s paradise on Earth. It’s got an interesting history, as well, since it was built by Prince Hermann of Pückler-Muskau. It’s also got services similar to Boat Rental Amsterdam offers.

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