Top 5 German National Parks

German National Parks are preserved locations that can have historical, cultural, or natural significance. Regardless of the reason why they are protected, these parks are always home to some of the most wonderful sights you could imagine. From miles upon miles of forests, to coastal areas, river lands, and more, German national parks are always worth a visit.

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1. Saxon Switzerland National Park

Covering 36,000 hectares of Elbe Sandstone Massif, Saxon Switzerland National Park can be found in the corner of East Germany. Among its many wonderful features are rock formations dating back to the Cretaceous period and unique sandstone cliff landscapes. The park also has some deeply carved valleys and table mountains. Visitors can do some rock climbing and hiking around these parts to get around.

2. Jasmund National Park

Located in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Jasmund National Park can be found in North-Eastern Germany. The Königsstuhl chalk cliffs is its most prominent feature, which is actually the subject of a painting by Caspar David Friedrich. Visitors can walk around the pop, as well as cycle, and go on tours.

3. Lower Oder Valley National Park

A riverside meadow, Lower Oder Valley National Park is the first of its kind that Germany made into a national park. It features the river Oder and covers about 60 kilometres of meadowland. It offers an idyllic landscape that can leave you breathless with wonder. It’s definitely a sight worth beholding.

4. Müritz National Park

Located around Lake Müritz’s eastern shoreline, the Müritz National Park is made up of a network of trails that spans 660 kilometers. You’ll be walking through an enchanting landscape full of forests of ancient beech trees and some intriguing marshes.

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5. Kellerwald-Edersee National Park

Smack dab in the middle of Germany, Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is at Lake Edersee’s southern shore. It features over 50 hills that are blanketed with beech trees by the thousands. There are also plenty of valley glades and streams that offer a superbly idyllic sight. They might be worth adding to the list of places you can go to, along with the Amsterdam Zoo and Eiffel Tower.