What is this site about?

This site is about helping potential travellers find the best spots in Germany to help them get the very best experience during their trip, including parks and national parks in the country.

What do Germany’s parks have to offer?

Germany’s parks have an explosive number of activities, sights, scents, and experiences to offer, including music, physical activities, and even horse riding.

What’s the difference between parks and national parks?

Parks, as most people know them, are often part of the urban setting in that they are largely influenced by or are completely created by people. National parks, on the other hand, are mostly natural and cover a huge expanse of land area and even some bodies of water.

Why are German parks worth visiting?

Most German parks offer unique and interesting features that provide visitors with a different experience for every one that they go to.

How to visit German parks

Since many of Germany’s parks are spaced out all over the country, it’s best to simply visit the ones that are already near you or make a specific schedule for visiting the parks that you want to visit.

How to choose which parks to visit

Choosing the parks you will visit can depend on what you want to get out of them. Some parks offer music, others offer lots of beautiful plants and flowers, and many more offer incredible activities.